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If Earth Had Rings

This is a pretty nice “what if” situation.  What if the Earth had rings like Saturn?  What would major world landmarks look like with rings in the background?  What would the night sky look like?

YouTube user T0R0YD took the guesswork out of it and made some renderings with rings in the sky.  He did a pretty basic idea which was just taking Saturn’s rings and putting them around the Earth.  That’s all good and dandy, but the odds of a ring system that massive forming around a planet this small are tiny.  I think it would have been better to have a smaller ring system, or at least one or two different ones.

I think it would also be cool if we then changed the angle of the Earth’s tilt, or changed the latitude of where the rings went around the earth.  Then while we’re at it, let’s change where the moon is, and how it interacts with the rings, and stuff.  I think we’re onto something here.

I do like the idea though, and perhaps in another reality the Earth was just alittle bigger, and we got a ring system to form.  Or better yet, let’s make an artificial ring system.

Yea, we can make an artificial ring system, of various different materials, so that it reflects the light at different times, and in different weather.  Then make it of various thickness and stuff,



Las Vegas – Growing & Shrinking

Fabulous Las Vegas.  The wounderful city in the desert, in a short period of time it’s gone from casino hole in the country, to fastest growing hole in the desert, to the worst housing crash in the country.  It’s still a pretty fun place, provided you don’t live there, which is pretty simple.

Anyway, the above video is pretty neat in showing how the city has grown over the years, and how you can just start to see it shrinking due to the recent crash.



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History of the .gif

Ah the animated .gif.  One of the most prevailing artifacts of the modern internet.  Next to cats (which are the official mascot of the internet), the animated .gif is everywhere.  I remember building my first ones back in the early 2000s to use as crude avatars on the many forums I frequented.  I didn’t get to start building websites that needed those all over the place untill they were out of fashion, and I guess honestly that’s probably a good thing.

They have come back into favor recently with the advent of “art.”  But honestly, I think that’s all part of the retro hipster feel.  Cause, what’s cooler then a series of photos of people dressed up steampunk style and then animated at 5 frames a second?

We cover all the basics at once:

  • “Old school” clothes
  • photography
  • We’ll use Instagram to give it an old arty feel
  • We’ll use our $500 iPhone to take the pictures to prove we’re too poor/don’t care to buy a cheap $500 dslr
  • Then we’ll stitch them together to form a “video” of said art

Yea, that’s a colossal waste of time.

Cinemagraphs were pretty cool when they first started to appear online last year.  But after the initial impact of them they loose their cool factor, plus it didn’t help that people were too lazy to make their own and just reposted the shit out of the ones that did exist, (something I’m 99% certain I did not do here, but feel free to prove me wrong).

Scenes from movies and television stitched together at nearly 30fps is cool cause usually it’s quick, and only the best part(s).  But again, after watching so many of them I just want some sound, or the rest of the episode.

The best ones are the completely original* ones, the mashups of different genera and different ideas and different things, but those are far and few between.

One thing that they failed to mention was using animated .gif’s as vital loading icons for the web 2.0 era.  In fact I’d wager that that was the initial return to glory for the animated .gif, not cinemagraphs, or 8 bit mashups of things.

Oh well, I guess that’s just what happens when you get arty people to make a documentary on a technical thing.

internet mascot

internet rules

*refer to rules 21 through 24 of the official rules of the internet.

{Engadget | Mascot | Know Your Meme}

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Trike Drifting


It looks fun, for a few minutes, then it just looks like a dangerous way to loose your foot.

That’s my 2 cents anyway, enjoy the video.