If Earth Had Rings


This is a pretty nice “what if” situation.  What if the Earth had rings like Saturn?  What would major world landmarks look like with rings in the background?  What would the night sky look like? YouTube user T0R0YD took the guesswork out of it and made some renderings with rings in the sky.  He did … Continued

Las Vegas – Growing & Shrinking


Fabulous Las Vegas.  The wounderful city in the desert, in a short period of time it’s gone from casino hole in the country, to fastest growing hole in the desert, to the worst housing crash in the country.  It’s still a pretty fun place, provided you don’t live there, which is pretty simple. Anyway, the … Continued

History of the .gif


Ah the animated .gif.  One of the most prevailing artifacts of the modern internet.  Next to cats (which are the official mascot of the internet), the animated .gif is everywhere.  I remember building my first ones back in the early 2000s to use as crude avatars on the many forums I frequented.  I didn’t get … Continued

Trike Drifting


Seriously? It looks fun, for a few minutes, then it just looks like a dangerous way to loose your foot. That’s my 2 cents anyway, enjoy the video.