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There was much controversy over the last time I posted something like this.  And honestly, I think it was all silly.  But nonetheless, I’m sure there will be some more this time around.  And what kind of internet site would I be if I didn’t actively try and create controversy?  (A poor one).

Artist Guy Laramee uses books to create these masterpieces.  All different kinds of books, and alot of time I immagine.  Tons & tons of time.  More time then I can fathom working on something like this.  But then again, I spend alot of time doing things most normal people don’t.

I really like this take on The Grand Canyon:

It looks like it uses about 100 books, and probably took ages and ages to put together.  But when you look at this next one, you think, man, it would be easy to just carve a bunch of books in a straight line on 2 sides, try making a cave out of them, with a house inside, and a skylight.

This guy’s got some talent.

Although, his future alternate history skills are severely lacking.  I’m not one to judge people, but seriously, China invades the USA.  What world are you living in.  Granted, when it comes to America, and China, I am as biased as you can get, so maybe I just don’t subscribe to that kind of thing.  But it still makes me somewhat upset, oh well.

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