Goldeneye 007, IRL version


Everyone agrees* that Goldeneye 007 is one of the most important video games in history.  Everyone also agrees that it has aged exceptionally poorly.  There have been a few attempts to bring Goldeneye up to date with the latest and greatest in graphical technologies over the years.  (I wish that Goldeneye Source actually had some … Continued

Iron Sky


Remember Iron Sky?  It’s an independent film about Nazi’s from The Moon, who invade earth in the year 2018.  I’m particularly fond of the line “Man kind’s greatest enemy”  It has a certain ring to it.  If you didn’t pay attention to the giant swastika base you’d think they were actual aliens. I was initially … Continued

Wooden Lampshade


Making of a Shade from Soren Berger on Vimeo. That’s interesting.  When I think of wood, I don’t think of lamp shade.  I think of table, or chair, or lamp base.  I don’t think of translucent covering for a light emitting apparatus.  Clearly I don’t get out much.  At first I was alittle concerned, that … Continued

More Book Art


There was much controversy over the last time I posted something like this.  And honestly, I think it was all silly.  But nonetheless, I’m sure there will be some more this time around.  And what kind of internet site would I be if I didn’t actively try and create controversy?  (A poor one). Artist Guy … Continued