The Day of Infamy


The world was changed forever 70 years ago.  I’ve written before on the drastic changes to the world had that event not have happened.  I’ve also never finished that story, oh well, maybe I’ll continue on.

This unprovoked attack rocketed American support of World War II, and jump started the American economy.  Never before, (and so far never again), has the nation been so fully united.  Everything was diverted towards the war effort.  Everything was diverted towards defeating the Japs & Nazis.  Everything.

This is not new information to me in any sense, but to alot of other people it might be enlightening, but this recent xkcd comic shows just how much America contributed to the war effort.  4 trillion dollars.  Trillion with a T.  And this was money we were happy to spend.  If I were alive, I’d gladly pay all my taxes better the war effort.

But I digress, this post is about history and sacrifice, not money and politics.

Pearl Harbor was an important day, not just in American History, but rightly so in world history.  It is a day of Infamy, it is a day to be remembered, it is a day that changed the world.  Take time out of your busy life and remember those who fought on this day and in the following 4 years.  Those who gave their lives to make the world a better place

We didn’t start the fight, and we wanted to mind our own business and stay out of it, but when we got forcibly thrown into the ring, we stuck to the end, and won.  Total and complete victory.  The world was a better place.

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