The greatest day in the history of days.  Yes, even greater then June 6, or August 6, or November 1.  November 11, 2011, a date that will not be repeated for a hundred years, and unless rejuvenation gets invented soon, not something anyone alive right now is likely to see again.

I had big plans for this day years ago.  The perfectness of the number 11 is unmatched anywhere.  It’s prime, so that’s good, and it’s the same if you read it backwards, or forwards, upside down, inside out, in a mirror, under water, or even in space.  Two lines, next to each other, repeated 3 times with a dot in between.  The 11th day of the 11th month, in the 11th year.  Perfection.

I can go on about how perfect the number 11 is, but I wont because I suspect that others out there will not want me to, seeing as how only I care about it.  No matter.

Remember 11.11.11 as the start of the revolution, the start of the new begining, the coming of the end, whatever you want. Even through the RR was begun years ago, 11.11 is it’s founding day, and 11.11.11 will be marked in history as the greatest day in it’s history, until they come out of the wood work and crush the overlords.  But you know not the time when that will happen, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

I’ve no idea what I’m talking about anymore and if you’ve kept reading this far kudos to you.  I think I’m, going to end this post now.  I’ve given you enough mystery and suspense for one morning, and a Friday morning at that.  Good day to you.

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