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Ivy Mike

I will never get tired of looking at pictures from operation Ivy, specifically Ivy Mike.  I’m pretty sure the above picture has appeared in the 2nd most number of individual blog posts, (first place goes to a special mosaic).   Last year I did a whole write up on Ivy Mike.  I could repeat the same information, but that’s just silly.  Instead I will let you know some other stuff associated with it.

  • Did you know I have Ivy Mike on my coffee mug?  Together with Castle Bravo & Hardtack Umbrella they make the Red, White , & Blue coffee mug of awesome.  26Mt of raw made in the USA power.
  • The Commies detonated their first thermonuclear device – Joe 4, in Aug. of 1953 (Mike went off in 1952).  Unfortunately that wasn’t even up to par with Mike, they didn’t break the  megaton barrier until 1955.
  • The Commies did outshine us in ultimate megatonage.  On Oct. 30, 1961 they detonated the Tsar-Bomba, an 50Mt beast that was originally supposed to be 100Mt, until the damn commie environmentalists got radiation concern.

Aside, Commie environmentalist, that’s got to be the worst insult you can get (from me).  It’s bad enough you’re a communist, you’re already my mortal enemy, but an environmentalist too.  Come on, you’re just asking to get made fun now.  But back to the good US.

  • The President, Dwight D. Eisenhower got a private screening of the famous video of explosion, before it was edited for secrets & broadcast on national television for many many days.
  • Mike was never intended to be an actual weapon, it was testing the theory & design.  This is good because as I mentioned last year, it was a full sized factory that weighed in at over 60 tons, and far too large for any aircract of the day to deploy it, (ICBMs had yet to be invented).
  • The Doomsday Clock was moved to the closest to midnight (11:58pm) regarding the denotation of Ivy Mike & Joe 4

And that’s that.

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