Light Painting


When I first read that title on MAKE I thought that someone actually painted a B-25 bomber with long exposure flash lights.  I thought, holy shit, that guy is impressive.  I quickly realized my mistake though, not quite sure if it’s an honest mistake or a stupid one, but a mistake nonetheless.

Anyway, I’m torn between being impressed (still) at what this guy did, and, thinking that this is just a colossal waste of time.  Because not only does it take all night to photograph, but then you have to spend, what I can only imagine to be at least 2 full days playing around in Photoshop to get everything perfect.  I’m a patience person, but I don’t think I could spend that long in Photoshop.

Also, it’s a very HDR looking photo, and to be quite honest, I’m pretty much over that annoying fad in photos.

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