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My dissaparence

I feel like I should explain my dissaparence from the blog for the past few weeks.  Well, quite simply it can be told in one sentence.  I am busy doing research on land.  In case you didn’t know, there is alot of things to know about buying land.  And for the past month or so that is what has been eating up all of my free time.  And when I take a break from doing research on land, I start doing research on building a house.  And wouldn’t you know it, there’s 10× as much information on home building then there is on land research.  So I’ve had plenty of things on my mind recently.

I’m not forgetting all of you deer readers, but, I am just finding it hard to concentrate on writing interesting, unique posts that are not just a rehash of somewhere else, cause that would be dumb.

Anyway, I’ve just about come to a bursting point on land buying information, so hopefully I’ll have space to actually get some good posts in.  But you never know.

Just thought I’d keep you all in the loop.

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