On this date 66 years ago the United States announced to the world the almighty power that they had tamed.  The power of the Atom.

While the first atomic bomb was actually detonated 3 weeks prior in the New Mexico desert, that was a secret, and an experiment.  No, today marks the day that the United States of America told the Japanese that they were serious, this marked the begining of the end of World War II.

The actual explosion was a rated at a mere 18 kilotons on TNT, but it was the single most powerful weapon on the planet at the time.  The blast radius was about a mile, with total destruction of about 4.7 square miles of the city.  It put a dent in the moral of the Japanese, but still they did not surrender.

So 3 days later, on Aug. 09, 1945 we sent them another fiery present from the skies.  This time in an even deadlier package of plutonium that resulted in a 21 kiloton blast over the city of Japanese city of Nagasaki.

Now, I could get into the whole politics involved with the actual surrender of the Japanese, but I won’t cause it’s not time for them to surrender, that doesn’t happen for 9 more days.

There is much debate about the decision to drop the bomb over the Japanese, I could go there, but so far I’ve written a pretty good netural post and I don’t think I’ve said anything to offend anyone yet, which is very off character of me when I talk about World War II, especially the Pacific war, which I was never that big of a fan of.

Oh well, remember today, I do.

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