Crazy Bike


This guy is crazy.  It looks pretty awesome, but then as my co-workers discussed, this guy is gonna need knee replacement surgery when he’s 35 or so, because just look at all the stress he’s putting on them, crazy.

Coin Video games


Some people call fake, I don’t.  I mean, calling it fake is like second nature on YouTube.  First is calling it gay.  Besides, anyone who takes things written in the comments on YouTube as serious should have their reading abilities revoked. I’ve done stop motion before, and it does take along time, and until you … Continued



On this date 66 years ago the United States announced to the world the almighty power that they had tamed.  The power of the Atom. While the first atomic bomb was actually detonated 3 weeks prior in the New Mexico desert, that was a secret, and an experiment.  No, today marks the day that the … Continued