So I’ve been using Google+ for the past week, and so far, I love it.

The interface is one of the most gorgeous I have ever used.  It’s slick, fast, interactive, and modern.  Everything Facebook is lacking.  The Circles feature is the best idea for sharing information with all your friends and people you’ve ever met, known.  I love being able to have different Circles for my different groups of friends, and restricting the information they get to know about me, and the updates I post to those individual ones.

It’s like I’m the dictator I’ve always dreamed of being, and the circles are my subjects, with different classes for everyone – Council, Guardians, Agents,  the list goes on, and on, and everyone in those circles has a role to play, a specific role.  And they only get the information that I deem necessary for them, I love it!

The one lacking thing about it has been the invite system, and when I first signed up it was disjointed and inconsistent.  They changed that and made it more Gmail like, and that’s better, because now I know when I invite someone and stuff.

The only things missing now are further Google Integration, I’m talking to you Google Music. I’d love to see some interactivity between the different services, posting my currently playing song to my Goolge Chat friends, like the desktop client (sometimes) does.  I have a feeling that in the coming months this kind of integration will become standard, and then I can tell everyone that I listen to Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, & Backstreet Boys alllllll day.

Also, if you want a Google+ invite, leave a message in the comments with your email address and I’ll see what I can do.  That invite thing on the side doesn’t always stay there.

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