Life Sized Pac-Man


Pac-Man in the street

Google Sightseeing found this pretty amazing street sized Pac-Man game.  You can go to the coordinates here, and cruise around the game board for yourself.  This group of dedicated (kids), even created all the ghosts, and fruit.  It’s hard to tell what the drawings were made out of, if I had to guess, it’s chalk, because I doubt they’d be able to spray paint the street and get away with it, unless of course that’s a private road, in which case, yea, it probably could be spray paint.

I can only immagine how long it must have taken to draw those full street sized ghosts, and stuff.  Not to mention the amount of chalk they had to go through.  I bet each ghost is a whole stick of chalk, minimum.  It also looks like this was done in the summer, as the grass is dead, and the trees are green.  So one pop-up thunderstorm, and you gotta start all over again.  Man, that would suck.  You can tell that it was done over a series of days, but who knows how many days, or how many kids were involved.  But I know that I approve of this message.

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