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I ran out of stumble names

Yes, there are no more names left to use for Stumble Posts.  But I care not, because I said so.  I’m sure I’m lying to you.  But, am I lying if I just haven’t come up with a new name yet?  Or if a past self comes from the future (Since time travel would have to be invented in the future, to go back in time to get a previous me, and the return to the previous me’s future, but the future me’s past), and give me a new name.  And, I deliberately made that as confusing as possible, so if you followed that and didn’t just say tl;dr, then good for you.

mind control

Clearly this is the ONLY correct response to this situation {source}

it's Elmo!

I dare you to not laugh at that. {source}

computers cannot win

Sure, this may be a few months old, but I’m just reminding you that computers can NEVER win, or we are all doomed to die a horrible death, and I warned you and you’re not allowed in my secret bunker. {source}

stiltz amo

I don’t think you’d be able to Ford Rivers while fighting, it just doesn’t seem like it would keep the clip working well for too long. {source}

supermarket delima

Yea, I may not have done that before, but, if the situation arose, I would do that, most likely. {source}


W.T.F. {source}

sleeping is cute

Everyone looks cute when they sleep, now I could have made a nasty joke here, but I didn’t consider that an improvement of some sorts. {source}

this dog is not racist

I don’t know this new macro {source}

netflix movies

This is an extremely good flow chart of the different sci-fi series available on Netflix, I would follow if if I were you and I liked sci-fi. {source}

resturant fart

I can honestly say that that has never happened to me. {source}

voicebox, in your head!

I don’t know who top left is, but he should be replaced with William Shatner {source}

skeleton jelly

This is up there with the Birthday Skeleton, for weirdness. {source}