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Life Sized Pac-Man

Pac-Man in the street

Google Sightseeing found this pretty amazing street sized Pac-Man game.  You can go to the coordinates here, and cruise around the game board for yourself.  This group of dedicated (kids), even created all the ghosts, and fruit.  It’s hard to tell what the drawings were made out of, if I had to guess, it’s chalk, because I doubt they’d be able to spray paint the street and get away with it, unless of course that’s a private road, in which case, yea, it probably could be spray paint.

I can only immagine how long it must have taken to draw those full street sized ghosts, and stuff.  Not to mention the amount of chalk they had to go through.  I bet each ghost is a whole stick of chalk, minimum.  It also looks like this was done in the summer, as the grass is dead, and the trees are green.  So one pop-up thunderstorm, and you gotta start all over again.  Man, that would suck.  You can tell that it was done over a series of days, but who knows how many days, or how many kids were involved.  But I know that I approve of this message.

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I ran out of stumble names

Yes, there are no more names left to use for Stumble Posts.  But I care not, because I said so.  I’m sure I’m lying to you.  But, am I lying if I just haven’t come up with a new name yet?  Or if a past self comes from the future (Since time travel would have to be invented in the future, to go back in time to get a previous me, and the return to the previous me’s future, but the future me’s past), and give me a new name.  And, I deliberately made that as confusing as possible, so if you followed that and didn’t just say tl;dr, then good for you.

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I rarely link to Cracked articles, mostly because they’re such a combination of generic and awesome, and because 700 thousand other websites link to the same one and just add to the fluff of unoriginal content on the internet.  But this Easter Egg article has a pretty awesome one in it, and so I decided to link to it.  But keep in mind that I’m only focusing on one of their random number of Awesome Easter Eggs they only just discovered.

I like Easter Eggs, infact, I LOVE them.  If there’s one thing I like doing it’s taking apart a movie and connecting it in ways that are not allowed to every other movie ever made.

I most famously did this with (almost) every Sean Bean movie he ever made.  Connecting my two favorites of his, Goldeneye & National Treasure in an amazing and efficent way that just screams yes, this is what the director was thinking when he cast Sean Bean as the main villain of National Treasure.

Anyway, back to The Simpsons. – McBane is a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dirty Harry, & John McClain, so in essence, the greatest fictional cartoon super hero ever conceived.  What makes it even better, is that when all the clips that feature McBane are edited together – like in the above video, they produce a relatively coherent story, and an actual movie.  Would I go see that movie had it been real, maybe, probably not, but maybe.

I don’t know what would be better though, if this story were planned out from the beginning, or if it were just random.  Turns out it was just random, but like I said, I don’t know if it being random is more cool, or if it had been planned would it be more cool.

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Happy Hotdog Man

Are you some sort of fun hating Communist?  Why haven’t you bought this yet?

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Go The Fuck To Sleep

As Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson:

This children’s book for adults became infamous recently and topped the Amazon Best Seller’s list, before it was released.  It’s currently available today, in Hardcover, and Kindle, but why pay for the Kindle version when you only get the black and white illustrations.

Irregardless, you can listen to Mr. Samuel L. Jackson narrate this wounderfull book in all his kick ass glory.  Yes, there’s his trademark style of language, but also a softer side (although, that’s probably the mellow music’s fault).  Anyway, listen to the book, then read his Filmography, and wounder why you haven’t seen all those movies yet.



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Helicopter Piolits are Crazy

I rest my case. {Aviation Chatter}

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Some people are Awesome

And clearly I’m not talking about the girl that left that voice mail, but rather, the theater manager/owner who decided to use that voice mail, unedited (I assume) as the “Don’t use your cell phone in my theater” PSA at the start of each flim.

The theater owner/manager should get an award or something.  And I would make it a my personal duty to only see movies at that theater, because it’s the only one that cares abut their customers, despite what that girl may think.

It was within that movie theaters every right to throw her out, and refuse to refund her money, as she clearly violated the rules , and claiming that she didn’t know she couldn’t use her cell phone only proves that she’s an idiot.

{Village Voice}

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Giant Bubbles

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen bubbles like that, but if it is be amazed.

Then, be amazed even more when you watch it in reverse slow motion:

I can think of a few different effects that that can be used to represent in some movies.  Put it on a green-screen (or probably have to be a black screen so you can see the bubble better), and then you can have like ships appear out of nowhere in space, and force fields, and all sorts of other cool sci-fi things.

Sadly, those effects will have no effect on protecting you from Velociraptors.

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Operation Neptune

Or, as it’s more commonly known, D-Day. Usually I do a nice long post about the history of it, or I’ll go into an alternate history or something.  But not today.  Today I read this really nice post about it, complete with pictures!  It’s on Google Sight Seeing, and it’s worth the read.  It’s also worth it to remember the thousands of brave soldiers who lost their lives taking the beach, and defending it.

One day I’ll get a chance to go visit those beaches, there might not be much there anymore, but it’s still a part of world history, recent world history, not something that happened 1500 years ago that no one’s really quite sure how it went down.  There’s first hand accounts of this historic event.

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Do you know my buddy Samuel?

He’s got a Razor Scooter.

Or just watch this guy draw Drake outta salt.  Kinda crazy, like this spray paint artist too actually:

Some people just have crazy talent.

Oh, and btwz, this title, curtsey of Ben Schwartz