Crazy Comments


I never would have guessed this, but my post regarding guest posts got quite alot of guest story comments.

Full length crazy stories, with the occasional spam link thrown in for good measure.  It seems that the spam bots think that if there’s alot of extra filler text that makes sense and then a link to free drugs, that I will let it through.

Well, it would help if the “story” wasn’t a blatant attempt at some strange incoherent fantasy world.  It was a good attempt, and whoever programmed this spambot is thinking outside the box, that’s for sure.

I was going to post snippets of the stories, or screen shots of them, but that would mean the spammers won.  And in my mind spammers are communists, and communists can never win.  Don’t try and make sense of my logic, that’s just how it is.  It’s a shame though, since now that i blocked those IPs, I won’t get any new stories from them.  Oh well.

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