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Internet Music again

Here’s some more internet music gems that I’ve put together.  Unlike the last one, there are actually some good songs on here, they’re just more fun to watch then they should be.   So sit back, relax and hopefully your ears wont bleed too much.


I’m opening up to Katy Perry, the more I hear her the more I like her, then I get normal again.  That being said, I don’t like Hot N Cold.  But I love this cover of it:

Billy Joel is the opposite of bad music.  But this video that combines all the tracks from his Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD, and plays them all simultaneously is borderline annoying, in a good way.  Wait till about the 3min mark, and you can start making out some of them, and once you get to over 5 there’s really only 2 songs left.

Another not bad song made interesting is KT Tunstall’s Glamour Puss.  The vocals were KT Tunstall, but the rest of the video is a bunch of fans playing different types of instruments to get the music in, crowd sourced style.  It’s pretty good:

This song is enjoyable if only because it just is.  But this version of it is 2x as enjoyable if only because no words are said:

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Watching that video at midnight super tired and by accident is not a good idea.  Also, I the faces he makes in it are awesome, and the whole song is now stuck in my head.
Steve Kardynal returns, this time doing Katy Perry, in a song that doesn’t sound like Katy Perry, but since the internet says that it’s Katy Perry, then it must be Katy Perry.

Bon Jovi & Star Wars, this is good:


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