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I Like Michael Bay

Alot.  His movies, while completely unrealistic, and less then Oscar worthy acting, and with unnecessary explosions, are enjoyable.  Damn enjoyable. (except Pearl Harbor).  But I can’t stand all this hate towards him.  And most of the hate is coming from people who spend their good money to go see his movie just so they can make fun of it.  I’ll be the first to admit that his movies are ridiculous.  But I’ll also be the first to point out that I do not go to see his movies to get an accurate portrayal of anything. I go to be entertained for the better part of 2 hours (All his movies are long).

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, this is what started this conversation:

I wouldn’t quite put “Visionary Directory” and Michael Bay in the same sentence.  But it does have the markings of a Michael Bay film.  I would like to make a few ammentments to it.

Where’s the hot girl?  There needs to be a main character that’s female and is “the most beautiful woman on the planet”

Not enough CGI.  Granted, I’ll chalk that up to this being a low budget trailer.  But in any true Michael Bay film, those birds would be CGI.  And probably have lasers and stuff on them.  And I don’t care what the game is about, they would all explode on impact.  Following the source material is not a requirement for Michael Bay, it’s an overlooked afterthought.

I really like the fake Dark Knight script he wrote, that was a good Michael Bay experience.

Also this past week this List Appeared on Listverse.  I used to like Listverse, then it’s success went to it’s head it it soon started chruning out useless stupid lists, and way, way too many ads, but whatever, that’s what Google Reader is for.

Michael Bay has two films on that list, now granted, any list of “the worst” is gonna be subjective, but unless the topic is “worst science in a movie” to include Armageddon on the same list as 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow is just plain wrong.  You all know my feelings toward Armageddon, I consider it one of the best action films ever made.  I know the science is all fake, but you know what.  This movie is not played on The Discovery Channel for a reason.  So take a step back and try and figure out what it is you’re watching before you start to bash it.

Anyway, that’s my Michael Bay rant, I hope you enjoyed it and don’t think less of me as a person.  And, if you do, I probably don’t really care that much either.


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