Crazy Comments


I never would have guessed this, but my post regarding guest posts got quite alot of guest story comments. Full length crazy stories, with the occasional spam link thrown in for good measure.  It seems that the spam bots think that if there’s alot of extra filler text that makes sense and then a link … Continued

LEGO Ball Contraption


These things are so uselessly awesome it’s insane.  I mean, look at all the detail in there, 7 minutes worth of video, no cuts, and we watch it all the way through.  I particularly like the lack of a sound track, we get to hear this baby in all it’s natural glory. It really makes … Continued

122 years ago


The person who shaped the modern world was born: Yes, like it or not, Adolf Hitler is responsible for the world as we know it today.  He started World War 2, and in the process ushered in the Golden Age of America.  An America that saved the world from him. We could go back and … Continued

RC soda powered Car


No, not that RC, radio controlled RC.  And it’s not really soda powered, but aluminum and sodium hydroxide.  The people who designed and built it named it dAlH2Orean, the name pays homage to DeLorean, as in the time machine.  As in Mr. Fusion, from BTTF2, yes, these two people have the potential to become very … Continued

Regarding guest posts


Lately I’ve been getting alot of requests from people wanting to know if they can write a guest post for the blog.  They give a nice logical reason as to why it would be beneficial to both me and them to allow a guest post to appear on the blog. Allow me to let you … Continued

Internet Music again


Here’s some more internet music gems that I’ve put together.  Unlike the last one, there are actually some good songs on here, they’re just more fun to watch then they should be.   So sit back, relax and hopefully your ears wont bleed too much.   I’m opening up to Katy Perry, the more I hear … Continued

I Like Michael Bay


Alot.  His movies, while completely unrealistic, and less then Oscar worthy acting, and with unnecessary explosions, are enjoyable.  Damn enjoyable. (except Pearl Harbor).  But I can’t stand all this hate towards him.  And most of the hate is coming from people who spend their good money to go see his movie just so they can … Continued