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Crazy Comments

I never would have guessed this, but my post regarding guest posts got quite alot of guest story comments.

Full length crazy stories, with the occasional spam link thrown in for good measure.  It seems that the spam bots think that if there’s alot of extra filler text that makes sense and then a link to free drugs, that I will let it through.

Well, it would help if the “story” wasn’t a blatant attempt at some strange incoherent fantasy world.  It was a good attempt, and whoever programmed this spambot is thinking outside the box, that’s for sure.

I was going to post snippets of the stories, or screen shots of them, but that would mean the spammers won.  And in my mind spammers are communists, and communists can never win.  Don’t try and make sense of my logic, that’s just how it is.  It’s a shame though, since now that i blocked those IPs, I won’t get any new stories from them.  Oh well.

awesome DIY LEGO video

LEGO Ball Contraption

These things are so uselessly awesome it’s insane.  I mean, look at all the detail in there, 7 minutes worth of video, no cuts, and we watch it all the way through.  I particularly like the lack of a sound track, we get to hear this baby in all it’s natural glory.

It really makes me want to go and build one of these, but then I realize i need a room, and a design, and time, and all this other stuff that I currently don’t have too much of.  But one day, one day my friend I will make something this awesome.

{LikeCool | MAKE}

Deadly Computer the greatest

122 years ago

The person who shaped the modern world was born:

Hitler mosaic

Yes, like it or not, Adolf Hitler is responsible for the world as we know it today.  He started World War 2, and in the process ushered in the Golden Age of America.  An America that saved the world from him.

We could go back and think about how the world would be different had Hitler not risen to power, not started World War 2, not done all the things he’s most famous for, but what fun would that be?

People always tend to focus on the bad that he did, and I won’t sugar coat it, he was directly responsible for quite alot of terrible things.  But it’s the things that he’s indirectly responsible for that no one takes into account.

  • The Jet Age
  • The Space Age
  • The Nuclear Age
  • The Computer Age

All those things had beginnings in WW2 era Germany, and many, many more along with it.

The V-2 rocket was the first ballistic missile, and the predecessor to the famous Titan I, and Saturn V.

So go ahead and create your time machine and go back in time and kill Hitler before he’s born, or allow him to go to art school like he always wanted, just be perpared for a different world when you return.  Unless of course your method of time travel is via the multi-worlds theory, (Which, for all intents and purposes, is the only way time travel will work), you could conveniently kill Hitler, and return to a version of the present where all the stuff after WW2 happened, just not WW2.

Although, if you’re gonna go through the trouble of traveling to another dimension, why complicate it with time travel, and murder, just go to one were Hitler never existed.  If it’s a moral issue let me just stop you right there cause dude, you have a trans-dimensional import/export craft.  The very nature of the theory behind it states that there are an infinite number of universes to travel to.  So going to one universe and killing Hitler, guess what, there’s an infinite number of other universes where you failed.  Then there’s a further infinite number where you succeed, but Stalin decided he wanted to invade Poland anyway, so he did, and WW2 happened, (of course in that universe we killed every last one of those Commie bastards, and the world was a better place).


awesome DIY movie science video

RC soda powered Car

rc logo

No, not that RC, radio controlled RC.  And it’s not really soda powered, but aluminum and sodium hydroxide.  The people who designed and built it named it dAlH2Orean, the name pays homage to DeLorean, as in the time machine.  As in Mr. Fusion, from BTTF2, yes, these two people have the potential to become very important soon, or very poor, based on all the lawsuits that are bound to happen.

They go through the whole science of how it’s done and make it easy to understand for simple folk like us, they say it’s incapable of time travel though.  I could have told you that, for a. it can only travel up to ~20mph, far short of the 88mph required to break the time barrier.  And, more importantly, it’s missing a flux capacitor.

I’d like to build this, if only because I have lots of aluminum laying around, but I’d like to wait till i can retrofit my car with this kind of kit.

Enjoy the video:

dAlH2Orean H2 R/C Car powered by Aluminium from Aleix Llovet on Vimeo.


Deadly Computer

Regarding guest posts

Lately I’ve been getting alot of requests from people wanting to know if they can write a guest post for the blog.  They give a nice logical reason as to why it would be beneficial to both me and them to allow a guest post to appear on the blog.

Allow me to let you know just where I stand on guest posts.

Never. Going. To. Happen.

Exactly 4 people have the capability to post on this blog,

  • 1 posted alot for a week then dissipated.
  • 1 only posts in extreme circumstances
  • 1 posts sometimes, but usually sends me an im with a link that I usually end up posting
  • 1 is me

So, to all the people out there wanting to know if I will allow a guest post on the blog or not.  Don’t send me an email.  I have a filter set up, your email will go straight to the trash, I won’t read it, nothing personal.

And as long as I am the absolute commander of the Deadly Computer blog I will never consider it.

I hope that clears all that up.  And if it doesn’t the filter will.

Hmm, maybe I should set up the filter to auto respond with a link to this post.

What are your thoughts on that?

a stumble awesome internet movie the greatest video

Internet Music again

Here’s some more internet music gems that I’ve put together.  Unlike the last one, there are actually some good songs on here, they’re just more fun to watch then they should be.   So sit back, relax and hopefully your ears wont bleed too much.


I’m opening up to Katy Perry, the more I hear her the more I like her, then I get normal again.  That being said, I don’t like Hot N Cold.  But I love this cover of it:

Billy Joel is the opposite of bad music.  But this video that combines all the tracks from his Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD, and plays them all simultaneously is borderline annoying, in a good way.  Wait till about the 3min mark, and you can start making out some of them, and once you get to over 5 there’s really only 2 songs left.

Another not bad song made interesting is KT Tunstall’s Glamour Puss.  The vocals were KT Tunstall, but the rest of the video is a bunch of fans playing different types of instruments to get the music in, crowd sourced style.  It’s pretty good:

This song is enjoyable if only because it just is.  But this version of it is 2x as enjoyable if only because no words are said:

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Watching that video at midnight super tired and by accident is not a good idea.  Also, I the faces he makes in it are awesome, and the whole song is now stuck in my head.
Steve Kardynal returns, this time doing Katy Perry, in a song that doesn’t sound like Katy Perry, but since the internet says that it’s Katy Perry, then it must be Katy Perry.

Bon Jovi & Star Wars, this is good:


internet movie video

I Like Michael Bay

Alot.  His movies, while completely unrealistic, and less then Oscar worthy acting, and with unnecessary explosions, are enjoyable.  Damn enjoyable. (except Pearl Harbor).  But I can’t stand all this hate towards him.  And most of the hate is coming from people who spend their good money to go see his movie just so they can make fun of it.  I’ll be the first to admit that his movies are ridiculous.  But I’ll also be the first to point out that I do not go to see his movies to get an accurate portrayal of anything. I go to be entertained for the better part of 2 hours (All his movies are long).

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, this is what started this conversation:

I wouldn’t quite put “Visionary Directory” and Michael Bay in the same sentence.  But it does have the markings of a Michael Bay film.  I would like to make a few ammentments to it.

Where’s the hot girl?  There needs to be a main character that’s female and is “the most beautiful woman on the planet”

Not enough CGI.  Granted, I’ll chalk that up to this being a low budget trailer.  But in any true Michael Bay film, those birds would be CGI.  And probably have lasers and stuff on them.  And I don’t care what the game is about, they would all explode on impact.  Following the source material is not a requirement for Michael Bay, it’s an overlooked afterthought.

I really like the fake Dark Knight script he wrote, that was a good Michael Bay experience.

Also this past week this List Appeared on Listverse.  I used to like Listverse, then it’s success went to it’s head it it soon started chruning out useless stupid lists, and way, way too many ads, but whatever, that’s what Google Reader is for.

Michael Bay has two films on that list, now granted, any list of “the worst” is gonna be subjective, but unless the topic is “worst science in a movie” to include Armageddon on the same list as 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow is just plain wrong.  You all know my feelings toward Armageddon, I consider it one of the best action films ever made.  I know the science is all fake, but you know what.  This movie is not played on The Discovery Channel for a reason.  So take a step back and try and figure out what it is you’re watching before you start to bash it.

Anyway, that’s my Michael Bay rant, I hope you enjoyed it and don’t think less of me as a person.  And, if you do, I probably don’t really care that much either.