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Stimble Stumble Stamble

It’s winter, and there’s snow on the ground, and its the same snow that’s been on the ground since December, it never goes away, more just keeps coming.  Well, that’s exactly like what the stumbles are.  The internet just keeps coming up with more and more awesome, amazing, funny, meme, and wrong things for me to find and gather together in a post for you all to enjoy.

I like that sign, pretty clever {source}

That’s a pretty clever cat. {source}

True words for sure. {source}

I don’t know which guy would be inside, but the attack would by Hyper Beam {source}

I’m not sure why this person got a 0, clearly he knows his stuff {source}

But of course {source}

These raptors are not allowed either {source}

Hopefully no prisons are being gated like that {source}

This teacher is an asshole {source}

Doesn’t he know you need 2 hands on the controller at all times! No wonder he’s loosing. {source}

I hate people that don’t clean the tops of their car in the snow, it’s dangerous and mostly illegal, and I would hate this truck, but damn, that was hilarious.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be thinking that had I been the guy in the car, but still, that’s great. {source}

We end with what is quite possibly, the single greatest tattoo ever conceived by man.

That is just perfect. {source|9kik(somewhere their search sucks)}

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