Firefox 4 removed the RSS icon


Why? This was a retarded move.  At least they didn’t go ape shit insane and remove an RSS parser completely like Chrome did.  Seriously wtf Google? Download this plugin to get it back.  There’s no reason to have it not there.  Apparently it was said that it’s the least used button in the whole UI.  … Continued

Stimble Stumble Stamble


It’s winter, and there’s snow on the ground, and its the same snow that’s been on the ground since December, it never goes away, more just keeps coming.  Well, that’s exactly like what the stumbles are.  The internet just keeps coming up with more and more awesome, amazing, funny, meme, and wrong things for me … Continued

Timelapse IN HD!


  TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo. You’re standard time lapse video, has the clouds, and the windmills, and the stars and some horses. Eh, I can live without all those, the night time stars sold me on that whole video. The music was alright, it fit the mood for the most … Continued

Strange Movie


See more funny videos and TBT at Todays Big Thing. That’s an interesting looking movie.  Did you catch the lightning bolt side burns he had?  Pretty ace.  I can only imagine what the actual plot of this movie was.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I can imagine a better plot then whatever it actually is. … Continued

RC Planes are FAST


Holy crap, that thing is fast.  How can the guy operating it even see where it is, or where it’s going, or stuff?  Maybe there’s an onboard video that he’s watching, but I doubt that would help, it’s moving far too fast to be controlable. Don’t get me wrong, I instantly want to build this … Continued

MS Paint Musical Theater


Soundcloud user R2Bl3nd imported the paint.exe program from Windows 7 x64 into some audio software and interpurted it as an audio file.  Apparently this is called PCM data.  I’ve just discovered what that is and what it means.  But I will boil it down to this.  It interprets the .exe file as audio data.  Digital … Continued

Mario Bathroom


Reddit user Kueeny created one of the best themed bathrooms I have ever seen.  Ok, not fair, it’s the only themed bathroom I’ve ever seen, but regardless, it’s pretty ace. I love that towel. That’s one warp pipe that you definitely do not want to go down. On reddit she claims that she made the … Continued

The Holiest Cake


Instructables user rickwalker created the most awesome cake ever. The whole Instrucable is impressively documented.  It seems very long, but that’s because there are so many important steps in order to get it just right.  I mean, look how perfect the above cake looks compared to the real thing: It’s a spitting image if I … Continued