Mind the Mine


I like me the military. That’s a known fact. I also like me some one of a kind furniture pieces. And these repurposed naval mines as furniture is really up my alley.

You can get genuine Soviet Naval mines circa 1940+ turned into super cool living room furniture.

There are choices from a fireplace or charcoal grill, to a toilet, bedroom set, living room set, porch swing, and many more.

I like the chandelire at the top of the post the best, but the fireplace is nice looking, as is the other photos I choose.  I’m not so sure how a full bathroom would work.  There is a toilet, and a bathtub, but no sink, and no shower.  I don’t know if the shower would be comfortable, but if there’s enough space to sit down, there should be enough space to stand and shower.  I mean, if they can make a bed, they should be able to make a shower too.

This desk is pretty nice looking too, but in my opinion, alittle to narrow for my tastes.  And I don’t like the light color of the granite top, but it’s still cool.


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