Jurassic Park will be real


This infographic shows what scientists hope to do within 4 years, or so claims The Telegraph.  Using some new techniques scientists have been able to clone a mouse whose DNA has been frozen for 16 years.  That’s not bad, now they want to make the jump to 5,000 year old wooly mammoth DNA.

Personally, I think that’s quite a jump to make, but hey, what’s science if not leaps of innovation and faith?  That being said, even before they start trying to clone a wooly mammoth, I hope someone somewhere is trying to clone dinosaurs.  I also hope that that person either has the name John, or looks like Richard Attenborough.

Also, if they know what’s good for them, they will stay away from Velociraptors, regardless of what modern science might tell us about them, they are still ruthless killing machines.

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