The Day The Music Died


On February 03, 1959, The Music Died, at least according to Don McLean, and because of that, most of the American public, at least the ones that understand the song.  And let’s be honest, you can’t call yourself an American and not like that song.  Understanding it is a totally different thing, but liking it, you just have to.

Infact, if there’s any song that has inspired more discussion, more controversy, and more thought, it’s American Pie.  Don McLean, who wrote the song has long held firm in not explaining what it means, going so far as to say “It means I never have to work again”  which I gotta hand it to him, is awesome.

The general consensus is that the song is about the sudden and unexpected deaths of Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper in a plane crash in February.  At least that’s what the first and last verse seem to recount anyway. McLean acknowledged that the first verse was related to how he first learned about their deaths, while folding papers in February.  The last verse might reference the three deaths with The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but that’s the only half kinda reference in the entire song.

All that inner part is anyone’s guess.

I actually usually just gloss over it, not thinking too much, just singing along (yes, I know the words),  but just last weekend I was in Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks, and he covered this song, and did alittle interpretation of it.  And by interpretation, I mean he spoke one verse and was like WTF dudes?  But that prompted me to pay more attention to them, and I agree with Garth, wtf?

But whatever, I’m not gonna dwell on it much, cause as I learned way back in high school English Literature class, I don’t really care what the author was thinking about when he wrote it, or why he wrote it.  It’s not my place to put words into his mouth and say what I think he meant.  Needless to say, I was not very good at high school English Literature.

Anyway, here’s my favorite interpertation, favorite only because it’s so out there. It’s about Bill Gates and Microsoft’s rise to power.  I think he’s alittle full of something, but hey it’s an interesting take on it.

And that’s that for today.

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