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Ski Pride

I’m a skier, have been for ages, and one thing I always loved about skiing is the lift tickets.  They were stickers that you put on metal hangers on your jacket’s zipper, or special lift ticket holder.  The stickerness of them allowed you to layer pass on top of pass.  Over time I’ve seen people with lift ticket stickers over an inch thick.  That’s quite alot of skiing to do.  I made it my personal goal to get accumulate a hanger that was so thick you could start to see parts of the previous tickets underneath.

Over time I did well, I was able to get a noticeable thickness going, but nothing close to an inch, or even half an inch.  Then I outgrew my jacket, and got new stuff, and warmer stuff, and better stuff.  So I lost all that hard work, but it’s ok, I was young and had years, years of skiing left to do.

Then, in 2008 I first came in contact with this new lift ticket.  Gone was the sticker, and in its place was a thick index card sized piece of paper that you attached with a modified zip tie.  I was confused.  I thought maybe it was a fluke of the mountain, but then I went to a few other places, and lo and behold, they all had the same new fangled lift ticket system.  I was upset.  How was it possible to show my ski enthusiasm?

At first I just kept clipping the zip ties on next to each other, but the zipper hole was small, and I had to start cutting ones off.  Then I started to just chain them together so I could keep them for the time being while I thought of something to do.  My friend told me to just chain them till they got past my waist.  I thought that was an interesting idea, and kept it for alittle while.

Then another friend said I should ask for scissors when I got my next one and cut the old zip tie, and put the old ticket onto the new zip tie with the new ticket.  I liked that idea, but I didn’t want to rely on having to ask for a scissor.  So I brainstormed something else to use instead of a zip tie.  And I came up with these:

Stainless steel wire keyrings.  I’m not 100% sure what their official name is, as I had a hard time finding them in a regular internet store.  eBay however was a better place with many different sellers.  You have to be careful though, because some of them are short, anything under 6 inches is probably too small.  Luckily, there are some 15cm ones that are the perfect size, which are the ones I got.

These let you attach and lift tickets as you get them to your jacket, and you can keep attaching them, and so keep your show of ski enthusiasm alive:

I have a nice hand of lift tickets, you can’t tell, but I have 3 of a kind.

Here’s one more picture of the lift tickets on my jacket.

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