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MOAR STUMBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s stumbles time.  First one of 2011.  And how can we make 2011 any better then 2010, well, with more wrongness.  Sadly, I don’t think this quite matches up to some of the previous wrong stumbles.  But it has some awesome things in it, so that’s good enough.

Anyway, take a gander after the link if you want to look at them, and if you’re reading these via RSS, no clicking needed, enjoy.

Yea, that’s wrong {source}

It’s like physics troll, except not even remotely possible {source} [DO NOT CLICK THAT SOURCE LINK]

This is true.  But that didn’t stop us adults from doing retarded stuff. {source}

What kind of Stumbles post would it be without the Führer {source}

This stall is octopied YEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!! {source}

I predict that this gif will prove to be true.  It is also just as hilarious as the original. {source}

You know, those little differences make the most problems for when it’s not just second nature to pick up a controller and just know how to play. {source}

I like that {source}

Well, what is it? {source}

Fuck you Madagascar. {source}

Santa needs some help with those damned ugly houses {source}

I have to say that is very well done {source}

Yea, you’re gonna wanna click on that picture to see just how bad your odds are. {source}

Just needs a wall to bust down. {source|fatpita}

Reminds me of The Matrix Reloaded, which I am watching right now. {source|reddit}

Words cannot describe that. {source |}

But, those rocks are gold, GOLD! {source}

I can imagine that the smell would get pretty terrible real quick.  {source}

You can say anything you want about what that really is, i think it’s a prototype Halo Ring weapon. {source}

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