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Snowplow Sorrow

It’s alittle jumpy, but it’s worth it, wish there were some sound.  Apparently this happened down in Georgia, durring their big snow storm that they’re not used to, and the truck was loaded with 2 tons of gravel and it fell through the floor of the parking lot.  However, they say that the parking lot was structurally sound, and no beams broke.  Maybe he drove over a drain, or some other weak point, and it was just too much.  I don’t know, all I know is I was not expecting that.  I thought he maybe would push some cars off the edge cause he was pissed off or something.

{Accidents Planet}

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Book Destruction

Way less destructive then these awesome Artfull Books, actually, not so destructive at all, but since i used the Artfull title before, I can’t go and call this a sequel.  It is just as hard to make I’d say.  Having to fold down each page in the right order,. and the right number of times to spell out them words.  I’ve picked 2 more of my favorites below, but you can see the whole book on Flickr.  And no, I did not plan on the songs when I choose the words, they just came to me (well, except the last one).

Mother, mother, tell you children, that their time has just begun.

This next one is so ace:

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Microsoft Pinball for Vista/7

Remember that pinball game you wasted hours away on trying to get the high on?  Remember how it wasn’t in Windows Vista, or Windows 7 for some reason?

Well, thank this guy for getting all the files together, and making it work on Vista/7.  Truly, your time wasting has only just begun.

the greatest

Lockheed Martin – the greatest company ever

Here is a nice writeup on everyone’s favorite Defense Contractor – Lockheed Martin.

My regular paranoid self would normally say to be cautious, and start boycotting Lockheed Martin, afterall, if this article is to be believed, (and it is on the internet, it must be true), then Lockheed Martin is the equivalent of a company that I should avoid.

But you are forgetting one major point.  Lockheed Martin is a Defense Contractor.  They are completely, or partially responsible for developing, making, and supplying the United States Military.

While Lockheed Martin itself is only a 15 year old company, the Lockheed Corporation is nearly 100 years old, and is responsible for some of the greatest pieces of Military hardware in the US’s arsenal.

So when you get worried about Lockheed Martin taking your information, just rest alittle easier and remember that if it wasn’t them, it would be some Chinese company anyway.

I had planned to do a nice long post about this, and the company, but it slowly evolved into just a history lesson of Lockheed, and all the awesome things they’ve done over the last 100 years.  I figured only me would really enjoy reading that, so I just stopped.

DIY science video

Pencil Balancing

I must say that is an impressive feat of engineering to achieve an almost useless thing.  But I’m pretty sure there are all sorts of different applications where it can be used to stabilize equipment, and things.  Actually, with some refinements, if he could get the Pencil to stay absolutely perfectly straight, this could have serious earthquake potential.  But I’m talking seriously straight no moving, nothing, and, it would probably be the opposite way actually now that I think of it.  The motion table would move, and the motors would try and keep it steady.

Well, either way, it’s impressive.

{MAKE | Pencil Balancer}

awesome DIY

Lifesized Spitfire

That is a life sized plastic Spitfire model.  You know the kinds you put together as a kid from the plastic parts with the flammable glue.  Except instead of a normal 1:25, or 1:100 or some other normal scale, this is a 1:1 model.  I wonder how many tubes of flammable glue he had to use to put it together.  I also wounder if he can attach some giant rubber bands and make it a flyable model.


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This is just Noise

It amazes saddens me to see what people spend so much time, effort and money on, and call art.

If you sit through the entire 10 minutes of the above video you will find probably a dozen different setups of the so called “acoustic sound sculptures” or something.  To me, all I see and hear is headache inducing white noise that I can generate for free at home in my own time, but don’t because it’s headache inducing.

One of the demonstrations I would classify as “music like.”  But that’s far from reason to go to the exhibit in San Francisco.  Or the live “performance” of it.

Still, it’s a far cry from The Creepiest Tree Ever, but it’s still noise.

Also, I spelled at least 6 words wrong with extra z’s in this post and if it wasn’t for the sheer number of red squiggle underlines that WordPress/Firefox added, I would have left them and you could see just how badly of an internet accent I’m getting.


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MOAR STUMBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s stumbles time.  First one of 2011.  And how can we make 2011 any better then 2010, well, with more wrongness.  Sadly, I don’t think this quite matches up to some of the previous wrong stumbles.  But it has some awesome things in it, so that’s good enough.

Anyway, take a gander after the link if you want to look at them, and if you’re reading these via RSS, no clicking needed, enjoy.

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2012 – NASA’s worst Science Movie EVER

I will be the first to defend overly unrealistic film plots as just that –  film plots meant solely to entertain audiences for 2 hours.  Some of “the worst scientific movies ever” I enjoy.  Armageddon – infamous for having at least 168 inaccuracies, is one of my all time favorite films.  And The Core, fuck you that was a great movie, alittle long, but great.  Volcano, another action movie with a plot so ridiculous it takes alot not to laugh at it, but it was a good movie.

All that being said there comes a point when even I can’t suspend my disbelief enough to wrap my head around the plot of a movie that is so predictable, so bad in it’s science, and so unnecessarily long that you watch it if only to see if the writers really did just do that.

2012 is one of those movies.

I summed up 2012 in one accurate sentence I think – the prequel to Waterworld no one asked for.

The difference between all the movies i listed above – Armageddon, The Core, Volcano, & Waterworld and 2012 is that the former movies are enjoyable, and good (I love Waterworld).  2012 is just plain bad.  Be it the science, which doesn’t exist.  The world wide conspiracy to save the planet on arks meant to save a couple hundred thousand people, and conveniently 2 of each animal.  Building it in China – are you serious, the fate of the world rests in the hands of those commies the Chinese?  I’d rather take my chances alone.  And of all the places that managed to survive the rising water, Africa is the number one place.  I’d rather risk my life on those Chinese arks then dare set foot on the African continent, ever.

All these combine into the worst 3 hours ever.  Which is how long that movie is, just under 3 hours.  I didn’t think it was possible at first, but Ronald Emmerich made a worse movie then The Day After Tomorrow which I wont even go into for how ridiculous that was.

{The website at the end of the Universe | The Australian}