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You know what the best thing about concepts is, how ridiculous they are.  I like to place bets as to when an individual concept will make it from the Photoshop render, to a prototype, to a working prototype, to a consumer product.  So far, exactly one thing has made it to the end, and I lost that bet.

Anyway, after the click you got my 3 favorite concepts form the past month or so of my stumbling around the internetz.  Enjoy them, and remember if they ever come out and become products, I owe someone a dollar*

Paper to Pencil

To start off we have the waste paper to pencil recycler thing by Yanko Design.  They claim they don’t know how it works.  That’s because it doesn’t work.  It’s a fucking concept of an idea that someone had.  The idea behind it is to take paper, and tightly wrap it around a lead pencil core.  So you get to recycle the paper that you go through like candy into pencils that you’re lucky if you go through one a month.  Hell, I still have pencils on my desk from 10 years ago.  Not a very “green” way to do stuff, unless you sell those pencils.  But as can be seen in the photo, the pencil still retains some information from the paper used, so big companies with secrets to hide wouldn’t exactly benefit from selling pencils that you can put together like a giant jigsaw puzzle of their crimes against humanity.

That gives me an idea on how to encrypt some information though…

Windstalk Power

If there’s one area of the world that has more concepts than all the others combined its the so called “green energy” one.  On an average month I will come accross at least 10 new concept designs that plan to revolutionize the way we make electricity, and live our every day lives.  200% efficiency rates, removal of carbon from the atmosphere, and peace on earth.  Those are actual promises I’ve read about claims to these awesome environmental friendly solutions**.

The most interesting, or at least interesting in the sense that I understand how it works and one day, many, many moons from now, it could become a real technology,*** is the Windstalk power generators.

The idea behind this new and exciting power generator is that it uses the expansion and compression from these tall stalks bending in the wind to produce electricity.  Now, from what I understand the way those piezoelectric parts produce the electricity while the wind blows.  And because of the turbulance inside the tightly packed “park” they will bend and sway more and create more power.  Now that’s a pretty neat concept, and then they take it one step too far by saying the concrete bases will collect water and allow plants to grow wild in the no-mans land inbetween.  Thought that wasn’t enough, well each stalk has an LED that will glow with the intensity of the power being produced creating a nice ambiance effect, and they hope that people will want to walk through there at night under the artificial stars and enjoy the quite clean energy being produced.


Here’s an idea, why don’t you buy 30 or 40 acres up in Nevada, and build this out with your own money and then see just how successfull it is.  Then you can shop it around to the different cities and towns with all your feel good happiness stuck on for good measure.

Air Umbrella

The air umbrella is perhaps the simplest thing, that simply will not work.  The idea is to have a plastic stick that sucks air in from the bottom, and blows it out the top super fast to protect you from the rain.  Cool right.  Wrong.  You know how fast the air will have to be traveling to protect you from the elements.  Very fast.  So, you know what that means, you need a super powerfull, and therefore super loud motor in the stick to move that air.  Then that motor will use up electricity like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll need some major batteries, or it will only last 10 minutes.

Now, say you’re walking down the street and its raining out, you don’t care cause you have a hat on, and the rain doesn’t bother you too much.  But you see this person walking too, they have no umbrella so you get close to them to pass, and BAM! hit in the face with cold air and lots of water.  That’s enough to make most people flip their shit.  Lucky for the other person they have a giant heavy stick cannon to defend themselves with.

*no one will get a dollar

**may or may not be true.

***in an alternate universe

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