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Halo NES style

I am somewhat excited about the concept of that game.  Sure it looks like crap, but it could be a nice afternoon time waster.  I’m mostly impressed with the way they got the Halo theme using 8bit music.  Not bad If you ask me.

{Destructoid | Piki Geek}

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Leaf Boats for Gulliver

These are pretty cool, kinds of things I sometimes did in my pond, only they never went anywhere, and usually weren’t as structurally sound as those look.

The whole premise is you take natural things and make a boat out of them, then put that into a stream, or pond, and take a picture of your (hopefully) floating contraption.  Then go have a picnic with some other like minded individuals.  Or at least that was the plan, way back in July in Canada.  Not a bad idea, hopefully they’ll do something like that again next year.

Here are 2 of my favorite boats:

The feather one:

And the flower mast one.


a stumble science


You know what the best thing about concepts is, how ridiculous they are.  I like to place bets as to when an individual concept will make it from the Photoshop render, to a prototype, to a working prototype, to a consumer product.  So far, exactly one thing has made it to the end, and I lost that bet.

Anyway, after the click you got my 3 favorite concepts form the past month or so of my stumbling around the internetz.  Enjoy them, and remember if they ever come out and become products, I owe someone a dollar*

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Would you like an Apple Pie with that?

Well would you punk?

That’s right, it’s the time honored tradition of annoying the piss out of you, and it couldn’t have come any earlier.  I expect you to watch that, and have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

Now, allow Bruce Willis to welcome you:

To the Deadly Computer Blog Holiday Extravaganza!!!

Ok, I just wanted a reason to post include that video, and really, I don’t need a reason to include Mr. Willis.

{Ding fries are Done}

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The Cat director

Not really director, more let’s tie a camera to my cat’s collar and see what she see all day.  This is the next logical step from the Adventures of Mr. Lee.  I want to see some more episodes of this kind.  Hell, with enough episodes, and editing, I bet you can make a prime time show out of it.  If Shit My Dad Says (which is edited for tv as Bleep My Dad Says), then this can surely make it on.

I mean, if the level of cats on the internet is any indication, this show should take off like wildfire.

{Surviving the World}

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The SnowMAN

That’s a snowman to be proud of.  Some Poles built a 31 foot tall snow giant.  Complete with a barrel for a hat, and a traffic cone for a nose.  No word on what the buttons are made of, but I bet it’s something eccentric.  That looks like half a tree for the arm too.

Man, I remember a few years ago this time of the year we had a complete slide into our dorm room window made out of snow.   It was pretty insane.  Wounder what happened to those pictures/video, I should go and fix that site.

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Stupid Russians

Let me be perfectly honest, I have nothing against Russians, it’s Communists I hate, but watching what they did there, come on, that’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even think of doing that.  Anyway, don’t do that, it’s dumb, but watch them do it, cause it’s funny, afterall, what is the point of the internet but to laugh at other people’s expense. {I Can’t See You}

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Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, a day that should be remembered far more then it currently is, now adays.  Youngsters have little regard for WWII except in an overload of great to horrible video games set in that era (because let’s face it, killin’ Nazis’ will never get old).  Take some time out of your day to reflect on the gravity of the event.  And remember the USS Arizona.

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The Shop-Vac song

I like kinetic typography, so it stands to reason that I love the above video.  The song itself is fun, but the way the words fly around make it better.  I’ve seen my fair share of horrible kinetic typography videos, but this one is excellent, up there with the V for Vendetta speech.