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The King of Stumbles

Partly because of the first picture below, and partly because I am in love with Sara Bareilles’ song King of Anything which I am embedding below because I can.

I think you will find that video excellent, and if you don’t whatever.  Anyway, below you will find the standard fare of awesome and wrong internet pictures I’ve found while stumbling around the internet.  There is a new contender for “worst picture ever.”  There is also some pretty extra lame jokes that made me laugh.   And there is a great ending photo that you will all love, if you don’t love it you are wrong and should rethink your loving of that last photo and get back to me.

Also, for those who care, this post was on: [20]10, 11/12 & 13:14

Anyway, end rambling, start stumbling…

This picture is the king of the memes {source}

It would have been better if they just stopped at the 2nd panel, but it’s still golden {source}

That looks like a real panda…{source}

It will knock you out! {source}

This is just as good as the one where your car is gone {source}

This is the wrongest picture ever posted, ever. {source}

The best origin story ever {source}

The whole monoloug when he goes and kills the guy that reminds me of xzibit is what gets the thumb up in my mind {source}

Internet logic never ceases to amaze me at how wrong it can be one day, and how right it is the next. {source}

Well, we need to work something out for our retaliation.  {source}

I like this representation of the US.  Although, I’m pretty sure for more then a few states, they could have/should have chosen different films {source}

I like that theory better then the actual reason. {source}

Everyone should have to agree this phrase before they go online anywhere. {source}

I’m pretty sure this can be used as life advice.  Or at least I plan on using it for life advice. {source}

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