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Google [Good/Evil]

Here’s a neat little video that chronicles all the things that Google does. It’s alittle old, – from March – but it still gets the same information accross, and nothing drastic has changed. If anything there’s probably a few more things to add to the list.

The Beast File: Google (HUNGRY BEAST) from Elmo Keep on Vimeo.

One thing I will say is that Google News is not a Google Hosted news service. It is simply a popular news aggregator. Sure it uses a propitiatory algorithm to rank the news in an unknown way, but anyone whose spent any time on Google News knows that the headlines reflect the same event, but the source links are constantly changing, and you can view all things related to a specific topic.
So you could take it one step further and say that Google is showing us what to read in the news, but I don’t feel that’s whats happening.

Also, I don’t feel that Google is doing anything remotely “evil” because all this stuff is information you freely give them. Whatever, it’s late, I’m tired, and I support Google, so goodnight.

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Parking Passes

Everyone has seen people who deserve these parking lesson slips on their cars.  Few people do anything about it, and it really doesnt matter because you’re bumper sticker you’ll affix to their car wont do anything but piss them off and make them feel like they have to live up to the (low) standards of the bumper sticker you permanently affixed to their car.

But Mental Discharge has a solution, they have leaflets that you can print out that will tell the perpetrator exactly what their problem is, and how they can easily, and painlessly go about teaching themselves to fix it.

They are provided in super high-res 8.5×11 print outs too.

Here are the 2 I like the best:

The solution to both of those problems is a very simple, and effective, that’s why I like them.

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Floppy Firefox

How Many floppy disks does Firefox take to install?  About 5.

With nothing better to do, and floppy disks eating up space on his desk, they guy over at Toasty Tech decided to extract, and move Firefox onto Floppy disks, of the 3.5″ the 5.25″ and the 8″ kinds.  Ah, the good ol’ days of putting the floppy disks in in order 1 of X to install software.

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Training Squirrels is dumb

That doesn’t make this video any less impressive.  {i cant see you}

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When to Watch Star Wars

I’m pretty sure this is meant to be satirical, but I’m not sure, neither is Capt. Xerox.  Either way, you should give it a watch, because it raises some good questions.  Like what order should you watch the films in?  I vote for 4,5,6 then 1,2,3.  I also don’t mind the special editions.  Sure Han shot first, yea, I get that, but you know what, stop bitching about it and move on.

I will agree with the adding in of Hayden Christensen at the end of Return of the Jedi.  That was a horrible move, and hopefully will be fixed in the future 3-D release of it.

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Marble Machine room

This kid officially has the coolest room ever.  A fullly customized kinetic marble sculpture that goes along the top of his room.  You can read the instructable if you want to make one for yourself.

Look at the track, isn’t it beautiful, the way he made the entire thing custom himself, out of stuff he mostly had laying around his house.

Look at that picture.  Are you done looking at it.  I don’t think you are.

That should be good.  But in case you’re not, click here.



Pointlessly Expensive Cartoon

Or car commercial, but car commercials are already pointless, so that title would have been redundant and recursive.

I applaud them for their creativity, and for doing it all in the real world, without a green screen.  It did take them a long time to set it all up, and get the right speed, but the final product is a very nice commercial.

{MAKE | Core77}

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Google Road Trip

You know, that is a pretty perfect way to display just how impressive Google Street View actually is.   I kinda want to do that to a room now, I have the projectors, just not the wall space.  Also, I don’t think that it would work well with anything but Street view, and as much as I want to go on a road trip down some random streets in the country, I don’t really want to at the same time, unless I’m doing the actual driving, because that’s more fun.  And you don’t look like that much of an idiot rocking out to your music while you drive.  Also, red lights take too long this way.

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The King of Stumbles

Partly because of the first picture below, and partly because I am in love with Sara Bareilles’ song King of Anything which I am embedding below because I can.

I think you will find that video excellent, and if you don’t whatever.  Anyway, below you will find the standard fare of awesome and wrong internet pictures I’ve found while stumbling around the internet.  There is a new contender for “worst picture ever.”  There is also some pretty extra lame jokes that made me laugh.   And there is a great ending photo that you will all love, if you don’t love it you are wrong and should rethink your loving of that last photo and get back to me.

Also, for those who care, this post was on: [20]10, 11/12 & 13:14

Anyway, end rambling, start stumbling…

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I’m pretty sure that at least 3/4 of every male can agree to this comic.  I know I can.

That is it. {source}