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No Time Wasters

Continuing on with the people screwing with other people theme, here is a group of Aussie’s that regurally post “strange, interesting, and funny” ads in Beat Magazine. (Which, looks like it’s stopped publishing as of 2009), and their last blog post is from June 2009 so that lines up about right.

My favorite one is the Die Hard one for obvious reasons.

The response that they got makes it better.  Also, on the front page of their site, they claim that they got phone calls from the police regarding certain ads, I think it’s a safe bet that this one was responsible for a few of those calls.

Also, I need to be on the look out for a Die Hard Reenactment society, because, as much as I hate reenactments and stuff like that,  I would gladly partake in remaking scenes from the greatest film ever made.

Their stalker wanted ad (un)surprisingly, got many replies, most of which I’m sure were fake, but I bet one was genuine.

They also have 3 wanted ads running for a grand conspiracy to get the public to not like public transit, and buy more cars.  I liked those, I wish they posted some replies if they got them.

It’s too bad that that magazine is no more, because I would have enjoyed reading some more of these awesome advertisements.  That being said, I can just go to the best of craigslist, but there’s just something different about seeing the ad in print.

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