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It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead and move onto the finals so now:

Get motivated!

When did /b/ become so smart? {source}

that is clever {source}

I really like that map of the world.  It puts the world into perspective how large one nation is compared to another the way no other map can. {source}

Nazis are everywhere {source}

You go addict bear {source}

It just might.  But I think you’d have more success with blowing up the universe if you mixed Coke, and Coke Zero {source}

Now we just need to see how they live, and what we can do to help them…die {source}

This is a Google Maps journey, about a Journey song, sadly, I cannot reproduce it myself {source}

Not bad, it amazes me what people can do with ASCII art {source}

funniest gif?

The title of that post could be true, that might be the funniest gif ever. {source}

The deadliest sock puppet ever. {source}

Pic unrelated {source}

We must go too infinity, AND BEYOND! {source}

But scissors beats paper {source}

Well, this is hawkard…{source}

This will totally work for reals {source}

That’s got one of the best tag-lines of any real or fictional game ever.  The question is, do you? {source}

You see, Al Gore is really the Alien Human hybrid that Mulder and Skully were looking for. {source}

I will end today’s update with what is the single greatest way to scare off an ass driver. {source}

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