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Why I hate the Ocean

I hate the ocean, hate the smell, hate the waves, hate the wind, hate it all.  So seeing this video just reminds me why I don’t want to go on a cruise.  Apparently, in 2008, while about 400 miles off the coast of New Zealand, a freak storm tossed the ship and it’s 1700+ passengers around for a joy ride.  Heavy equipment such as forklifts were thrown like childrens’ toys.  42 people were injured, most suffering broken bones, but no one was killed, which is insane, cause one worked just barely misses being crushed by a forklift.

The (un)lucky passengers that were caught in the storm were offered 25% off of a future cruise with the company, and one passenger is stuck in a lawsuit battle with the company for injuries.  That person is an ass.

I think they should have given them 25% back on that cruise, because honestly, how many of those people are gonna go on another cruise again after that?

Also, the silent unmoving video is just plain creepy.

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