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The best E-mails ever

I love this guy.  He’s got my sense of humor, and it’s all unsuspecting.  Sure I would hate being on the receiving end of some of his emails, but damn, are they funny.  He reminds me of David and his spider.

From Part out your Honda:

You could sell it as a Honda Accord “Jeep Wrangler” addition, built for offroading without the doors, just like a Jeep. Instead of saying the alternator was removed, say the car was modified to help the environment.

Whenever he comes across a woman that he’s not expecting he goes crazy.  It’s awesome, mostly it resorts to cheap insults, and to tell them to get back in the kitchen.

Or how about the shenanigans he goes through to sell his own TV?

This guy is just taking advantage of ripe for the situation craigslist ads, not unlike HollaDaddy, who takes advantage of Myspace profiles.  It’s a shame that he has no RSS feed, because it would look perfect next to HollaDaddy in my Google Reader, perfect I say.

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