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The powers of the Internet, used for good?

I’m not sure what this says about the internet, and everything I’ve grown to love about it, but somehow, someone was able to convince the people of Reddit that yes, we are a good people.  Operation Birthday Boy was begun on 4chan, of all places, and using their powers of stalkerness, began to throw William Lashua, a member of America’s Greatest Generation, a birthday party.

Soon, someone claiming to be William’s grandson posted a thread on Reddit, pleading the internet to not show up, because, being the internet, it was likely to show up with things on the left side of this picture:

Except, the dinosaur would be a furry dinosaur, the bathing suit wearing girl would be a naked girl, and the jets in the background would be actual Russian fighter jets that had nothing better to do today.

Well, luckily there were no furry dinosaurs, and unluckily there were no loitering Russian jets, cause come on, that would be ace.  There were girls, but the pictures of the event do nay prove if they were naked, or bathing suit wearing, so we’ll just chalk that up as a +1 regardless.

Here are some final stats that someone who called up the place where the party was reported:

I called the Legion.
His grandson got on the phone
50 Bouqets of Flowers
20 Cakes
Countless cards.
He said 5 UPS have pulled up today with stuff for him.
They also said the local Postal Mail had 2 trucks full of cards.
I almost cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He told me to pass along to Anonymous a
“Thank You”

Turns out that the internet can be a good place, who knew?

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