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Deadly Earbuds

Audio people will never cease to amaze me at the ammount of money they will spend on something to make it sound perfect.  But whatever, at least this expensive thing has some real value to it’s $250 price tag – gold.  Or probably enough gold to bring the price up $15.

I mean, it looks cool, but you could easily make your own, and it would have that much nice rustic look.  Plus you’d be able to customize them per your ears.  Say you have giant elephant ears, well then you get to fire a Desert Eagle, or a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world.  Little kids will get to fire .22s.  It would be the greatest store in the world.

They also have a titanium version, which looks like silver, and not like a bullet any real gun would ever fire.

Make a copper version, then maybe I’ll buy it.  Or open up the store I said above, and I’ll come visit.

{EpicWin | Luxist]

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