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Water Shields to Full Power

Concepts are weird.  Some are amazing in their ingeniousness, while others just scream wtf.

This Water Shield for fruit is somewhere inbetween those two.  It’s a completely new idea, but something thats completely cool too, (in a “I wonder if this will ever work the way the picture shows” kinda way).  The idea behind it is that bugs, and germs and animals, and ghosts can make it through the plastic, or glass covers that you would put around fruit (if you put anything).  But they can’t get through water.  So a solid flow of water from a bell fountain would cover the fruit and protect it from all forms of badness from fruit flies to ectoplasm.

Now that part is all simple and very easy to make.  The neat part is that there are sensors in the top of the tower that detect your hand, and will turn off the water flow in that one spot to allow you to reach through, grab your fruit, and run away without getting you, or your loot wet in the process.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s how it works, it’s really simple in theory, but then again, so is nuclear fusion.

{Technology World | Yanki Design}

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