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Stumble Punch!

I will admit the entire name of this post is based off of the first image below.  Blame chris.

flower kick

My allergies haven’t been bothering me too much, I just have like glass in the back of my throat that hurts when I’m awake maybe I should see a doctor {source}

bottleed water

It’s a good thing I only drink straight from the Tap goodness. {source}

That’s fucking insane!  Here’s the story behind this true event {source}

Ivy Mike Tree

I want to grow this tree. {source}

ivy mike

I like this tree too

They are practicing correct Nuclear Bomb Etiquette {source}.

coke vs pepsi

It’s funny because it’s true. {Source}

Haha, 2 awesome movies, 2 amazing similarities. {source}

border volleyball

So this is a real picture of a US vs. Mexico game of Volleyball playedi n Arizona in 1979, with the border fence as the net.  That is awesome {source}

WTF? {source}

It could be real, it could be photoshoped, it’s still pretty funny nonetheless {source}

Truest words ever written {source}

They Officially need to name a hurricane Blaize because of this {source}

How i love the 1950s, {source}

Tools are generally awesome as they are, this makes it automatically more awesome.  Yes there are a few puns nailed into this description.  No I will not apologize for them.  Yes you can have sticker {source}

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