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Carry-on “Spy” Jacket

spy trench coat
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Well, it’s not really a “spy” jacket, especially since you have to take it off and get it X-rayed at the airport anyway, but the name of the company that makes/will make/thought it up, SCOTTEVEST, reminds me of Soviet, and that reminds me of Spies, and so this will get the name of the Spy Jacket.

The “Carry-On Coat” or, what I would call it, a trench coat,  the one pictured above, is, for lack of a better term, their “Flagship” product in this new, untapped market of unneededness.  It is a good concept, but I find that in testing it wouldn’t work at all.  I’m all for putting as much stuff on your person as possible when you travel, it’s just smart.  But have you ever tried to sit down in an airplane chair with a coat on?  It doesn’t work, especially if you have 2 shirts, a pair of shoes, and a full bottle of water.

But you already knew that, so you took your jacket off and stuffed it in the overhead bin.  But oh noes, this flight is full of smart people, and they all have their two allowed carryons, all at the maximum size allowed, now the flight attendants are saying you must keep your jackets on you/your lap to make room for all the bags.

Now you’re stuck with this giant uncomfortable Teflon “pillow” for your 8 hour plane ride next to some screaming 2 year old.

Also, this is not in leather, and I like leather, it looks better.

There is this sport coat version, which is slightly easier to wear and not be all weird, except you can’t keep an extra pair of clothes in it, but really, what purpose does that serve.

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I’ve never heard a flight attendant say that passengers have to remove their coats from the overhead bins. In all likelihood, the attendants will admonish the late-comers on the plane for not getting there sooner, and tell them to go back to the gate and check in their carry-on because there is no more room in the bins.

Overhead storage has always been a first-come-first-serve commodity. If people can’t bother to arrive at the gate on time the flight attendants can’t be bothered to play Tetris with everyone else’s luggage in the bins so Mr. and Ms. Comelately can fit in their oversized REI Appalachian Backpacks. They’re probably dressed in Teva sandals and sweatpants anyway.

One thing I have found on aircraft is you are treated commensurate with the way you are dressed. Dress well, get treated well. Thus, wearing a sportcoat on a plane–spy model or not–might get you an upgrade to 1st class on a double-booked seat, or at least a genuine smile by the staff.