Laura Warshauer


Laura Warshauer is awesome.

For those of you who have never heard of her, now you have.  And I’m talking to you the thousands of readers of this site combined.  (And yes, combined, I do get over 1000 unique visitors to this site).

I took 4 videos of her performance at the Highline Ballroom on June 20, 2010:


Sweet 17

Wishing Well

Tonight Tonight

Apparently some people think that the audio isn’t great on that last one. I can agree because well, it’s from a hand held Flip Video Ultra (which is an amazing little camera that is worth every penny), I also don’t care.

Also, you should watch those videos in 720p because it’s there.  And no matter what you do, don’t press this button, you will regret it, and I warned you.

(No idea why this wasn’t posted last week when it was supposed to go up, but whatever, can’t change the past)

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