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Censoring your Internet Input

pepper sprayerAh society, trying to thread on constitutionally protected freedom of speech in life, and most importantly (for the scope of this post) on the internet. Ultra-Modern-Life has designed this (concept?) pepper smell sprayer (not pepper spray) that is a USB “bad language” detector.  So if I had it plugged into my computer while I’m writing this post, and I type shit, and I leave it up there, a red warning light will come on.  Now, it’s not clear to me that if I just go back and delete it, will the warning light dissapear?  Or do I get a certain ratio of swear words to real words?  Or would this sentence just throw everything off:  Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Either way I see this a a great waste of time, effort, and (possibly) money.

The motives were good, trying to keep people out of trouble on social media sites.  Except the reasons behind said “trouble” are ridiculous.  People are becoming more afraid of what certain things they say online will reflect about them, so they try to be all goodie good, nicey nice on Facebook, and Twitter, and their blog and whatever.

Yea, not me.

There’s a difference between a work environment, and a personal environment.  Facebook and Twitter, are personal environments.  Its your own damn fault for becoming friends with your boss on Facebook.  That being said, you can still say whatever the hell you want about him and your job in your status updates, and legally there’s nothing they can do about it, because as I said in the first line of this post: constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

Stop being afraid of silly things, move on, and live life to the fullest, and do not even show some support for this device, or anything or anyone that censors your internet ramblings.

And I will close with all due respect towards V, words only have power if you give it to them.

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