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The Commie Space Shooter Game

Kosmosis, I love that name, a Play on Osmosis, but making it commie sounding.  The “Space Shooter” subtitle though, that’s a stretch, you don’t really shoot anything.

the end

The game itself has no real end.  Sure it does end, but while you sit there and watch the stars roll by, you can see the small army you created begin to finish your work.  And if you watch long enough, (or if you just had a successfull enough revolution), the game will end, and the commies will win.

they won

The only thing wrong with this game is that instead of killing communists like a good American, I’m actually helping them succeed in their revolutionary ways.  But I am perfectly capable of suspending realizing that this is a game, and will have no effect on my ability to life a regular life.

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