Bon Jovi @ The New Meadowlands Arena


I told you I was going to break in the new theme in awesome style.  Now some of you might think that would be with a stumble post.  You’re wrong.  Still others would guess something having to do with Hitler, Nazis, and/or World War II.  Good guess, but still wrong.

No, I am breaking in this new theme by showing you all the experience of seeing Bon Jovi play at The New Meadowlands Arena.  I will have you know that on my list of favorite musical groups, Bon Jovi is number one.  So anything I say about them is biased, you don’t have to listen to me, or read this, so I don’t care really.

Anyway, the story begins months ago, when I went to go see Bon Jovi play a special secret show in the parking lot of TNMS.  It got me in the mood to buy tickets for their grand opening of it.  Which I did.  Fastforward to last week.  I went to go see it.  Having never been inside the old stadium, I can’t comment on the differences between the two, but I can say that the new one is nice, extra specially nice.  Extra specially expensive too (food and parking wise anyway (if I’m paying $200 to see a concert, parking should be fucking included in my ticket)).

Anyway, I’m no sound Nazi, (and chris refused to come), so you’ll have to take my word on how it sounded.  I was in section 128, which is slightly off direct center of the stage.  I was able to hear them play fine.   Seeing them was different.  If it wasn’t for the giant screens to the sides, and behind the stage, I would not have seen them.  (this was not the Central Park show where I was 50 feet from the stage).  But regardless, it was fun.

The 4 giant score board screens, and the ring display around the upper deck of the stadium was not used at all.  For me that wasn’t a big deal, but for most of the people in the bleachers and off to the sides, I’m sure they were very upset that they couldn’t see as well.  But whatever, my seats were good, my view was fine.

The show itself was good, but they could have played some more faster more crowed pleasing songs.  As far as I can remember, nothing from Bounce was played.  Which sucked cause I love that album.  But that’s fine, cause they played It’s My Life, and Born to Be My Baby, my two favorites.

I can’t remember the entire setlist, and apparently, it changed alot from night to night.  Which is fine, I like it that way.  I do remember they closed with Keep the Faith, which I was able to record for you all.  Sorry it’s alittle shaky, it’s a good song, and I was moving around alot.

I also got Something for The Pain, which they played while standing down on the inner circle part of their stage. This video is better cause I was sitting down while recording it, and there’s far less to move around to in it. (I do enjoy the song plenty though)

Well, I lied, they used those score board displays for the encore, which was 3 songs long – Always, Wanted, Dead or Alive, and Livin’ on a Prayer.

By far, the best part of the show was when they left the stage the first time.  The entire crowd (me included) began to sing Livin’ on a Prayer to entice them back (they hadn’t played that song yet either).  We kept the melody good, and it was pretty fun.  Then they came on, and showed us how it’s really done.

I took some pretty nice pictures too, you should look at them.

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