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Google Photo Photomosaic

Google Photo Logo

That is a full blown actual size Photo Mosaic.  I love Photo Mosaics  I make them all the time.  I’ve made famous people. My mosaics though, are small computer sized (although, I have printed a few out, and they are pretty nice).

Upper LGoogle’s though is made of actual 4×6 photographs.  Much more awesomeer.  In total it’s 884 different photos.  And I must say, it looks pretty damn impressive.  I just don’t like the “lense flare” they put over the “o” and the “e.”  I mean, come on, is that really necessary?  And before you say that it’s just flash glare in that picture, watch the time lapse video below, it’s built into the mosaic.

Some of the photographs are pretty weird though.  If you look at it large size some are clearly discarded rejects, but there are also excellent photos of different places and people, and in all they mesh together perfectly.

It took them 5 and a half hours to put it together, and 40-50 hours total to make it.  That’s still quite alot.  But when you think of it, you can just take the digital versions of the pictures, and put them into the software to make the mosaic, and then just match them up and glue them to a wall.  Yea, easier said then done.

Also, it was done in the Google UK office, so all the photos are from around the UK, all were donated by UK Googlers, for a total of around 4,000, of which only 884 got used.  Oh well, still looks good I think.

I think they need to make this a Google Doodle one day.

{Google | Clay Bavor}

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