DOA Empire


Watch that video.  And then marvel at the fact that 30 years ago The Empire Strikes back was released to the world.  Were you alive?  I wasn’t.  But thats regardless because it was an impressive movie.  If you haven’t watched it, you should, it’s on this weekend.  And if you’re in Times Square on Saturday … Continued

The Moon Nazis are Coming


Iron Sky, the independent film about Nazis that escape to the Moon has a trailer: No acting yet, and not much else to see about the film.  But so far so good.  Hopefully it will be as awesome as I am hoping it to be. I made a demand that it be shown in my … Continued

Rollercoaster Spam


Every so often there’s a spam comment that’s worth it’s weight in gold.  Unfortunately the weight of an individual spam comment is about 0.0000017 grams, so it’s not much. But I this one on Earth Hour was just that.  I saw it in the moderation que and had to click the link because I love … Continued

Google Photo Photomosaic


That is a full blown actual size Photo Mosaic.  I love Photo Mosaics  I make them all the time.  I’ve made famous people. My mosaics though, are small computer sized (although, I have printed a few out, and they are pretty nice). Google’s though is made of actual 4×6 photographs.  Much more awesomeer.  In total … Continued

Don’t touch my stapler


Or should I say staple city, or Ephemicropolis. Yes, those are staples.  Thousands of them.  Some full sized magazines, some individual staples.  Here’s a nice close up shot of the individual sky scrapers And below you can see the entire breath of the domain of Ephemicropolis. It looks like a 5×5 grid of tiles.  Except … Continued



This is a hard game.  I was able to get a 7 line game, but I didn’t screen shot it, or save the replay.  Oh well, 5 is pretty good.  And for those of you who won’t read the intro, you can get every piece.  It’s hard.  I’ve yet to get a T piece, probably … Continued