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Alan Rickman is the best Villain

Is there any reason to doubt Alan Rickman’s ability to be the perfect villain?  I do not think so.  Starting in 1988 with Die Hard (otherwise known as the greatest movie ever made), Alan Rickman has shown the world his uncannily ability to show emotion, while showing no emotion.  As a way to see just how well he plays the role of villain, The Many Faces has put together a lesson about it.

Some might (and do) argue that Snape really isn’t a villain, but until the last act of the 7th book, we really don’t know where his loyalties lie.  And, Alan Rickman plays Snape perfectly.

I do have some issues with the bonus.  They don’t really give the Emperor an Alan Rickman feel, just some description of things the Emperor did and said, but with a vaguely Alan Rickman face.  Now, what would it be like if Alan Rickman actually played a character from the Star Wars Universe?  Well my friend, I think he would be quite the adversary.  As I think about it, there’s really no one that he can play.  I originally thought of Count Douku, but he didn’t have enough screen time to be properly made, and I think Alan Rickman’s skills would have been lost in the role.  You really need a role where you see his face, because his expressions are really what makes him, and no crazy alien makup either, because Alan Rickman’s face is perfect.

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Attack of the Games

I like video games, and i like videos, so here is a good video of some video game characters (most from the early days of it), attacking New York City.  I’ll be honest, the only reason I’m posting about this is because there’s a Tetris part to it, and a very nicely done Tetris part too I might add.

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Secret Room

Look at this unsecepting room.  Looks normal, fun even. It has a little piano, little chairs, a dresser, and some (south?) facing windows.  All in all pretty basic I’d say.  Let’s open the dresser get some clothes out…


It’s a passage way to another land!  Narnia? No, I don’t see any trees or animals

No it’s a play room.  And nothing too crazy about it either.  It’s just a simple dresser picked up second hand that was modified in the back, and placed in front of a door to another room.  A very simple process that makes everything about both rooms 100x more cooler.  It’s just as awesome as getting you’re own secret passage installed, but at a fraction of the price.

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