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The Concept Future of the Past

There’s something about the middle part of the 1900s that was genuinely awesome.  Could it be the fearlessness of the society, pushing the boundaries of what was possible, and what was not, truly making anything possible?  Or the endless imaginations of everyone, especially concept artists?  I think both, but something about concept futures are inherently cool.

Thinking that in 100 years time we will be living in giant mega cities, or in 50 years time we will have vacation homes on the moon, or 25 years time those damn flying cars.  No matter what the dream was, it was possible, and it was only gonna take 10 years, 100 million dollars, and an endless imagination to make possible.

One of the coolest parts of these types of concept designs though is it was all done by hand.  No computer aided graphics, or designing, it was all hand drawn, hand illustrated, and hand made.  No playing with colors to see which looked better, and no quick, we need more of these space cars in another picture.  Everything was unique to their own concept, and that alone sets this stuff different from all the concept work done today.  Plus, all the concept work done today is all faddy, and is not futuristic enough.

Something we rarely see though is the future as imagined through the eyes of Commies.  Yes there is a plethora of fun, interesting, and unique designs for the future from those hidden behind the Iron Curtain.  And suffice to say, they are equally as dreamy, and awesome as the ones our good old fashioned democracy loving American heroes produced, even better to some extent.  The one double edged sword is the controlling of the media.  Who knows how many other awesome, way out there, crazy stuff Commie scientists, and artists made in the heads, showed to their superiors, and then never got heard from again, only for the drawing to be stowed away in Moscow with the brightest Commie scientists working on how to produce the Trans-Oceanic Nuclear Mining self sustaining, Speed Rocket?

Anyway, here are my favorites from that massive list above, I separated them into different sections:

Mega Cities

The future has giant mega cities where people live on water, and in buildings that all look alike.

Of all of the designs, this is one that I can’t understand why we haven’t utilized yet.  (At least if I’m understanding it correctly that is).  Incorporating buildings into the towers of a suspension bridge is an ingenious idea.  It would give structural stability to the bridge, and provide hundreds, if not thousands of new apartments, and offices to be built on land that didn’t exist before.  Plus, each and every room would have an unobstructed view of something grand and unique.

You could even incorporate these multi-level walkways, and trains into the architecture.  I always thought that walkways between buildings a few dozen stories up were cool, more so then flying cars anyway.

And while this looks cool, it looks to uniform at the same time.  Too much sameness.  Not only in the color, but the shape, and size.  Get some more different styled buildings in there, connect them with walkways 100s of feet high, and put them on the side of a bridge, and I will visit, and maybe even live there.


Transportation to and from those cities would happen in super fast trains, and super fast boats.

And to make transportation between each of these mega cities possible, you gotta have super fast bullet train monorails.  Although I think this double design is alittle too big.  But it does look like it goes everywhere, which is good, they would have to remake many of the current trail tunnels though, because they are just too small.  And really, if you’re going to design a new transportation system, why confine it to a 300 year old design?

I actually don’t know what the fuck this is, but I liked the artwork with the long meandering highway that the rollerball rolls down.

Then you can jump in a Hydrofoil and jet across the ocean at insane speeds.  Truly though, I would not want to ride in one of those.  All it takes is one whale coming to the surface that you hit at 300 mph and you don’t have one leg anymore, and you start sinking to the bottom of the ocean with the titanic.  Only because you were moving so fast, no one knows your final location, and you are never rescued (because also in this reality, GPS wasn’t invented, and there are still only lifeboats for 70% of the crew)


And last but not least space.  I can honestly say that these space concepts were pretty lacking to me,  Nothing too exciting, most standard fare of streamlined rockets with giant fins, and life on other planets, and moons.

Mining the Moon though, why we haven’t begun that is anyone’s guess.  And don’t just stop on the Moon, go to Asteroids, and comets, and other planets and we could soon have an endless supply of everything.

Then you would collect the resources, from the straight roads that all lead to your Rome, at the center of a crater, and blast off back to Earth, or even Mars, but something is weird about that base, it’s so small, and we have an idea of scale at least in this picture, so where does everyone live?

Why underground of course!  After they mine out all the good stuff, they build self contained pods with solar powered lights and stuff in their place.  That would be a viable place to live as the surface of the Moon, or Mars for that matter would fluctuate too much in temperature, and you wouldn’t want to live there too long.

This snow globe thing wins for just sheer weirdness though.  What is it, and why is there one giant tree inside it.  Is it the oxygen producer for the building in the background?  That’s an interesting idea, except you’d need more then one tree, unless, since there’s no scale here, that is a super gigantic tree of colossal proportions.  It could be.  Or it could be something else, but regardless, its weird, and cool at the same time.

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