Exciting Employment Opportunities!


Last night I got this email from Lisa, a recruiter working for AFLAC, a fortune 500 Health Insurance Company.  Here is is, exactly as she “wrote” it: Hello: My name is Lisa XxxXxxx and I’m a recruiter working for AFLAC, a fortune 500 Health Insurance Company.  My regional manager, Jason XXXXXXX saw your resume online and asked me to contact … Continued

Stumbles I lost count


Another heaping helping of wrongness courtesy of everyone’s favorite add on, Stumble Upon.  We got memes, gifs, Nazis, and more, all for your viewing pleasure, all right after the click.  Play a game of scrabble, hop on a plane to Australia, and remember, you are getting all of this information through the internet, what is … Continued

Saturn V launch at 500fps


Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo. The Saturn V that launched man into space, and onto the Moon was an impressive rocket, the largest, most powerful vehicle man has produced.  Above is a video of the Apollo 11 launch.  It was recorded at 500 frames per second, and … Continued

From My Cold Dead Paws: Cats and the Guns They Love (Paperback)


I don’t know where this book came from, or how it got published, but suffice to say, James Bennett is a genius.  He has taken two of my favorite things, and somehow managed to find a portal to another universe where cats have opposable thumbs, and can not only hold these firearms, but use them.  … Continued

The Concept Future of the Past


There’s something about the middle part of the 1900s that was genuinely awesome.  Could it be the fearlessness of the society, pushing the boundaries of what was possible, and what was not, truly making anything possible?  Or the endless imaginations of everyone, especially concept artists?  I think both, but something about concept futures are inherently … Continued

Darth Vader Coming to The Empire


EMBED-Star Wars Coming to America – Watch more free videos Yes someone spent time doing that, yes I think that is an acceptable use of time, yes it does get alittle repetitive, no I don’t care about that. Watch it and enjoy. {source}

The Alternate Cold War


Today is Adolf Hitler’s 121st birthday, and what better way to celebrate then by having a bonfire?!  What are we burning, don’t ask, you don’t wanna be implicated, its better that way. Anyway, another way to celebrate, how about continuing the alternate reality of Pearl Harbor? Yes, I think that’s fitting, we will explore what … Continued

Rocket Car Race


Not moon sized rockets, model rockets.  And I must say model rocket cars are much more fun to watch compared to moon sized rocket ones.  I must say it’s hilarious!  Of all the cars in the video that were launched, I think i counted 3 that actually drove.  There may have been more, it was … Continued

Star Wars Episode 4.3: the Custom Version


Star Wars Uncut “The Escape” from Casey Pugh on Vimeo. 472 people worked separately together to make this clip from Star Wars.  It’s part of the Star Wars: Uncut project.  The above video is a trailer for the ultimate goal of the project; recreate the entirety of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  It … Continued

Weaved Telephone Baskets


Weaved baskets are pretty nice.  The all natural ones are very burnable, something these all plastic ones lack. (Which is either good or bad depending on you’re view)  They are called Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets and made in South Africa.  For the most part, they are made from the wire from downed telephone poles.  Injured … Continued