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DIY LED flashlight overkill

I like LEDs, I think they are pretty ace, and I use them often.  I’ve made and modified my fair share of flashlights, but this one takes the cake for crazy.

500 superbright white LEDs, 50 watts of power used, blinding light, and something that probably weighs a good 20lbs makes this a monster.

Look at all those LEDs, I understand that they were sanded down a bit so they fit nicely, but still, that’s just crazy, look at the back, and all that soldering, and wiring.

I had a hard enough time soldering my table, and that was 6 different panels all spread outwith lots of room to mess up, this is all crammed together just begging to make a short.

And in case you were concerned that it was all for nothing, it really does create alot of light.  I wish there was a lumen value on it though.  Because it would almost certaintly be easier to use one of these which are also 50 watts, and 4000 lumens.  I’m almost certain that that value is larger then the flashlight they made.  But then again where’s the fun of soldering together 500 LEDs?

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