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Earth Hour…

Brings back the Going Green series, or at least finishes it, (probably).  I’d just like to say, that Earth Hour is a waste of time, and I had every thing on, and plugged in my house.

You see, I spent 4 days without electricity last week, and am in no rush to repeat that experience.  So in order to make up for that time with no power, I had to use extra tonight.  It all works out because in the end, Earth Hour is a joke.  By turning off your lights for one hour one day a year do you think it impacts the amount of electricity a power plant produces?

You’re wrong.

A power plant is not like a battery, if the light is off, power is not being used (or made).  Power plants constantly producing electricity, if they stopped for a minute the grid would be destabilized.  What power plants do do is anticipate loads (in the summer months, air conditioners are used, and so they generate more power).  In recent years the power companies have begun to anticipate the slight drop in demand for power in the one hour period of “Earth Hour” so that power doesn’t get sent out to the grid.

The plant still operates, and still produces power, so the idea of an hour with your lights off, even multiplied the city, state, country over doesn’t add up to much.  Especially when man made CO2 emissions have nothing to do with “global warming” or “climate change.”  But hey, I can’t stop you from participating in it, all I can do is plug everything I own into my power outlets.

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good for you, did you know that mother earth doesn’t give a fuck about you and will sooner kill you with an unpredictable earthquake the minute she has a chance?

not very motherly like if you ask me.

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